How to Cook Perfect Eggs in Every Cooking Method


Eggs are the perfect breakfast staple. They provide the right balance of nutrients to make you feel satisfied. Although it may be easy to make a batch of delicious hard-boiled eggs, there are many things you can do wrong when it comes to cooking eggs correctly. It’s okay, we’re not all chefs.

Some people are better than others. These experts were willing to share their best tips for cooking eggs. These expert-backed tips kulinarika will help you make your morning breakfast even more delicious. Subscribe to our newsletter if you enjoy cooking and want daily recipes and the latest food news delivered straight to your inbox.

How to make scrambled egg

Scrambled eggs can be a quick and delicious way to have your egg whites, yolks, and any other protein in one bite. It is about mastering the technique and learning how to get the right texture without overcooking them.

Reduce the heat

Most experts will tell you to lower the heat when you are making omelets or scrambling eggs. Kara Lydon, RD blogger at The Foodie Dietitian, says that slow cooking on low heat is the key to perfect scrambled eggs. After adding a splash of milk, she whisks the eggs until well combined. Finally, she pours the mixture into a nonstick butter-clad pan.

Always stir

Michael A. says, “Continuous stirring over medium heat will break down the curds when they form and create a texture that almost feels like you melted cheese into it.” Young is the executive chef and director for food and beverages at Sheraton Kauai Resort, Hawaii. Sounds delicious, right? You have to cook it for a long time. If you do, the water will escape and, as he says, you get “sad, crumbly eggs”.

Add goat cheese

Add a little goat cheese to scramble eggs while they are still in the oven. This will create a creamy, rich texture, according to Neda Varbanova, Healthy with Nedi. She is a certified culinary nutritionist and holistic health coach as well as a recipe creator. She says that they taste as good as scrambled eggs from the Four Seasons in Paris. That’s amazing!

How to fry eggs

Fried eggs are the perfect topping for a bowl full of quinoa and a burger. The key is to cook the eggs at the right temperature. Keep the cooking time short for those who love runny yolks.

Stick to nonstick

Elana Karp is the head chef at Plated, which delivers meal kits to customers. Heat the pan on medium heat. Once it is hot, add one tablespoon of butter or olive oil to it and let it melt for one minutes. The egg should be poured directly into the pan. Once it has boiled, season it with salt. Then, cook it for another two to three minutes.

Let’s fry

Karp suggests that you turn up the heat after the initial cook time of two to three minutes and then let it fry for another minute. To achieve a smoother edge, cover your pan to allow the egg to cook for longer but not crisp up. Keep the heat low. Give the pan a shake to check if they are done. If they don’t move, keep them there for a few more minutes.

Do more than easy

Karp advises that you keep an eye on eggs to ensure the whites are set but not opaque. After they are set, flip them with a flexible spatula. Cook for 10 to 15 more seconds. This will result in a gooey yolk that can be dipped with some bread.

Try straining your whites

“Eggs have two textures,” Justine Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Sun Basket, a meal kits company, says. The thinner white will spread so you can get a neat egg that holds its shape. Use a strainer or a slotted spoon to strain the whites and then transfer the eggs into small bowls until they are ready to fry.

Use the oven

Ricardo Barreras is the chef and owner at Pilar Cuban Eatery in Brooklyn. He says that his method of making sunny side up is flawless. He says, “Heat olive oil in a small Teflon skillet until it is hot. Crack two eggs and cook for about 30-40 seconds.” Place the eggs on the top rack in a 400-degree oven and cook for 4 minutes. The yolks will start to cook if you leave them in the pan.