Ted Gibson “Hairboutique Celebrity” city hairdresser


Ted Gibson, Hairboutique Celebrity Stylist Ted Gibson has been a celebrity hair stylist for Angelina Jolie for many decades. He has also coiffed many other celebrities, including Anne Hathaway and Christina Ricci.

Ted started his salon in 2005. WWD Beauty Biz reports that Ted’s philosophy was “beauty comes from within”. His retail sales are estimated to be in the millions.

His signature style has been well documented in media. It is large, beautiful and sensual.

Ted stated that “voluminous hair will never go out of fashion”, as quoted in an OK Magazine article. It doesn’t.

Ted is known for his unique take on hair styling products and techniques. He told OK Magazine about his personal approach to backcombing to increase height. He recommends a “circular motion with fine tooth comb” instead of the traditional up-and-down backcombing motion.

Ted claims that the Hairboutique Celebrity 

circular backcombing gives a “better cushion at the crown” and is easier to use, even when hairspray is used. Ted made it clear that he uses a circular teasing technique. He told OK Magazine that Angelina loved the technique and she can remove the tease after her Red Carpet appearances.

Hairboutique Celebrity ted said Joy Bryant, Essence Magazine’s hairdresser, makes it easy to look beautiful. Joy is a laid-back, yet sophisticated look. Joy doesn’t like to fuss about her look, so she sticks with a simple formula. It’s about wearing a simple updo or below-the-shoulder hairstyle for her.

Ted recommends the highly regarded Mason Pearson boar bristle toothbrush. People Style Watch told Ted that he used to love the Mason Pearson boar bristle brush.

The famous master at his salon on Fifth Avenue, 23rd Street is worth every penny. Ted, who earned his fame by working with hairboutique Hairboutique Celery Rarities such as Angelina Jolie will also make house visits for hairboutique Hairboutique Priorities for special occasions and under pre-arranged circumstances.

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