Six of the Most Hated Players in Baseball in 2022


Major League Baseball (MLB), is the most popular league of baseball in the world. Every year, the league sees some outstanding plays by great players. MLB players are role models for the masses. They have a large fan base. MLB has both loved and hated players, just like a coin has two sides. We have assembled the most hated Major League Baseball (MLB), players at this moment.

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  1. Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies right fielder, is a skilled player. He is also full of arrogance, which has created a hate-love relationship with fans. He is currently one of the most hated MLB players.

  1. Odubel Herrera

Odubel Herrera is an outfielder for Philadelphia Phillies. Because of his involvement in domestic violence, Herrera is one of the most hated MLB players. He was suspended by MLB in 2022 for violating MLB’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy. He attacked his girlfriend.

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  1. Rougned Odor

The Texas Rangers’ infielder Rougned Odor is well-known for his fights with the opposition. Rougned Odor is well-known for his instigator nature. Rougned Odor is infamous for his instigatorism and involvement in fights with opponents.

  1. Manny Machado

He is one the most talented players in the MLB. But that doesn’t mean he’s not loved by his fans. The San Diego Padres third baseman and shortstop is incorrectly known for his dirty sliding on the field and brawling. After the 2018 playoff run with Los Angeles Dodgers, Machado was no longer popular.

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  1. Jose Altuve

Jose Altuve is well-known for his illegal signing scandal. Jose Altuve was the victim of an illegal signing scandal that drew a lot hate from his fans. His blunt response to illegal signing made matters worse. He plays currently for the Houston Astros.

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  1. Carlos Correa

Carls Correa plays shortstop for the Houston Astros of the Major Baseball League (MLB). Although the team won the 2017 world title, the year is more remembered for its illegal signings. Carlos Correa was the most hated MLB player in 2017. He was heavily criticised by fans after his handling of the illegal signing scandal and will forever be on the hate list.