“Easton Hockey Sticks”


Easton sticks are well-known for being the best and most loved hockey sticks. The company continues to be a leader in innovation for hockey, making products that are accessible to all levels of players, regardless of their skill level or experience. Easton hockey sticks are the first to offer composite hockey sticks. These one-piece hockey sticks have become a dominant product in every level of the sport.

Here’s some information that will help you understand the history and current status of these products. There are many great reasons Easton hockey sticks remain the market leader and the preferred choice of many people around the world.

Composite Easton Hockey Sticks

Although it is difficult to believe, the composite hockey sticks have only been around ten years. The Synergy was introduced by Easton hockey sticks in 2000. It immediately made a big impact. It was the lightest-produced stick in the world, and a number of patents were issued based on the design and construction Salisbury Football of the stick.

  • Scott Gomez, a rookie Devils hockey player, was the first NHL hockey player who used it. He said in an interview:
  • It gives you a better release, a stronger shot, and better everything. What else could you want?
  • Other players began to adapt quickly, and composite hockey sticks became a popular trend within a few years.

Fast forward to 2010 and Composite Easton Hockey Sticks

Fast forward to 2010 and composite hockey sticks have become the standard for top players, even those who were still sticking with wooden sticks. Every major brand of hockey gear makes their own version of composite hockey sticks. This includes Easton, CCM, Bauer and Reebok as well as Warrior, CCM, Bauer and Reebok.

What makes composite hockey sticks so well-received and popular? They improve the fundamental quality of a stick, which in turn improves all other results. Thanks to the use of different materials, such as Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and composites from other materials, the sticks are lighter and more durable. You can take harder shots, have greater accuracy at longer distances, and can make passes faster while handling the puck with more precision.

Continue to build on that foundation of success

It all began 10 years ago with Synergy. Continue to build on that foundation of success. Although materials have changed over the years and specific adjustments have been made to style and construction, the Synergy brand and legacy have remained the same. All the Easton composite hockey sticks are in the Synergy and Stealth families.

The Stealth S19 is one of the most sought-after and advanced models. The shaft is Kevlar-wrapped and compression-molded. It also features a unique blade design, new engineered materials, and a special shape. You can even find it in limited edition Olympic versions for Canada, USA, and Finland. The Stealth lineup also includes the S13, S7, and S3.