A Guide to Types of Golf Bets


Learn betting on golf. We explore the various betting markets and provide tips and strategies to ensure you can make better bets on golf.

Golf has been a sport that is popular that bets on, particularly in the UK and in other parts of Europe. However, it’s now one of the fastest growing gambling markets within North America as well. It is also one of the fastest growing betting markets in North America. PGA Tour is embracing gambling and is in talks with betting companies. The result is that odds being integrated into broadcasts and more betting markets are being provided on betting websites.

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If you’re just beginning your journey with golf betting or seeking to get better at the game, continue reading to find out more about betting on golf.

Similar to most team sports There are plenty of ways to make bets betting on golf. The most popular option is betting on the overall winner of the tournament however, there are many alternatives, such as head-to-head contests as well as a myriad of props.

Each-way Odds

The odds for each side allow you to place bets on players winning the event, but also be in a specific ranking, for example top 3 or even Top 8. The each-way bet is actually two bets, with two payouts. If one of the players is successful in winning the tournament, they will take home each side of an bet. If they did not win but ended up third, then only the top 3 side of the every-way bet will be the winner.

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As you can see in the illustration above, you are able to bet on who will win the competition. These bets are typically placed prior to the event’s start and are then ranked in the final leaderboard after four rounds. You may also bet on the total winner in between rounds as well as during the course if the sportsbooks provide the live odds for golf.

Head-to-head and Three-way Odds

Instead of placing bets on a single player against the whole field, you can place bets on a single player against one another in head-to-head betting on golf odds like the moneyline. Oddsmakers set odds for which player will have the best finish and you are able to pick the player you believe will win the tournament.

Three-way golf odds are simply adding another participant to your odds, and you can place bets that one of three participants will have the best finish at the conclusion of the competition.

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Golf Parlays

Parlays are a kind of bet that combines two or more separate bets into one wager and the winnings from each bet being carried over to the next. To make a winning parlay bet each of the components of the wager have to be in the right order. For instance, a bet may place a parlay wager on three golfers to be victorious in each of their matches. In the event that all golfers succeed the bettor will win the parlay bet, and also receives an amount that is higher that if he had made three bets. If, however, even one golfer loses, the whole parlay bet is forfeited. Golf parlays may be a high-riskand reward option for those who want to make a profit even with a lower initial bet.

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Nationality Bets

Nationality bets are a form of bet which involves placing bets on which golfer of the country of the betting will show the best performance at a particular event. For instance, a gambler may place a bet to determine which American golfer will post the best score at the Masters. For each player, odds is typically calculated by the sportsbook based upon their past performances as well as the current state of play which is why favorites are usually given lower odds , while underdogs have better odds.

Round Totals

Oddsmakers will project a final score for a player . You can bet that the player will be able to finish with a score that is actually Over or Under the total of the round.

For instance, Tiger Woods’ Round 1 score may be 69.5. So, If you believe Woods will be able to finish the tournament with scores of 69 or higher the bet is the under. If you believe Woods will score higher than 69 in the first round and Round 2, then you should be betting the Over.

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Golf Prop Bets

Betting on golf props is among of the markets that is growing the fastest and offers golf odds on everything from hole-to-hole outcomes as well as odds on a hole in one or if a golfer is going to make it or not.

Golf Futures

The odds for futures on winning the major tournaments usually open prior to the start that the tournament is scheduled, for instance chances to win the Ryder Cup or the Masters. The markets for betting on golf in these major tournaments are in action well before the start of Round 1 starts.

Live Betting on Golf

The majority of sportsbooks online and mobile provide live golf odds while the tournament unfolds continuously adjusting according to outcomes on the course. These include odds for the outright winner and chances to be the winner of the round and hole-by hole odds for selected players.

Live golf betting is becoming more popular with golf fans and punters due to the excitement and unpredictable nature it provides in the course. Live golf betting is a great option because bettors are able to adjust their wagers according to how the game is going as lines and odds are shifting in real time. This creates a engaging as well as interactive experience and could also offer opportunities for smart bettors to profit from shifts in momentum or other elements that affect the game. Golf betting live is accessible at a number of online sportsbooks and is accessible via phones, making it simple and practical to bet from any place at any time.