Westwood Cycling: Lanes Linking National


Westwood Cycling Lanes Linking National and Wilshire Killed By Council Office

Streetsblog was informed last night by Jonathan Weiss about the opposition to proposed bike lanes on Westwood Cycling Boulevard, between Pico Boulevard & Santa Monica Boulevard by Paul Koretz, a local City Councilmember. Weiss is Koretz’ appointed representative to the City of Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Bicyclists who use Westwood Cycling Blvd are disappointed. Every day, cyclists use Westwood Cycling Blvd to commute to UCLA and other destinations. Bicycle lanes are already available south of National Boulevard and north Santa Monica Boulevard. This makes it an easy connection to the city’s Bicycle plan. To support this connection, the UCLA Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) organized “Ride Westwood Cycling”.

It is highly unlikely that the city will proceed with a bike lane project without at minimum tacit support from Council office. This is because Council office is being pressured by homeowner groups that are hostile to other transportation options. The “Westwood Cycling South of Santa Monica Blvd. homeowners formed a “bicycle Committee” that met three times. They received a detailed report outlining why Bicycle Lanes should go on Westwood Cycling Blvd. and circulated a letter disapproving any design proposals to make them less intrusive.

Although such news can be a bit unexpected, it is a signal that the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition needs to take action. Tonight’s meeting of the Neighborhood Bicycle Ambassador Committee for Westside Boxing Tape will be held. Details are at the bottom.

The Westwood Cycling South of Santa Monica Homeowners Group may be able to do so

Calla Weimer’s eloquent, well-researched series on bicycle safety on Westwood Cycling Boulevard (part I and part II) shows that the sections of Westwood Cycling Boulevard where lanes are proposed are some of the most dangerous.

“I believe the raw number is not very meaningful. It may be low or high for some. “I don’t believe there is enough context to interpret this value.”

After providing context, Weimer digs further to find more data that shows the extremely dangerous situation at Westwood Cycling.

Westwood Cycling South Santa Monica Homeowners Association (WSSM)

Residents were both disturbed by the presence of a backpack-wielding person sitting on the curb at Prosser & La Grange, all day and night. This was particularly disturbing after two young men riding bikes scoured homes in the area. The Bike Group at UCLA had assigned people to count bikes in that area without notifying residents, the HOA or Council. Residents were also unnecessarily disturbed and police resources wasted.