Tips for taking care of your retainer


Keep your home clean

Your nighttime mouth guard retainer should be treated as if it were your own teeth. Use a toothbrush and water to clean your retainer after each use. However, toothpaste can cause scratches and abrasions to your retainer.

Wear it often

Your retainer should be worn every night, for as long as you can remember, unless your dentist tells you otherwise. While it might seem annoying, proper retention is essential to maintain a beautiful smile. Retainers only work if they are worn!

Avoid heat

Only a properly fitting retainer can do its job. Sportingsmiles can help you find the right sleeping positions for couples for you, but you have to ensure it stays that way. Do not leave your retainer near a radiator or in direct sunlight. It will melt or warp. Do not boil your retainer. While boiling water may seem like a great way of cleaning appliances, the high heat can cause irreparable damage.

Avoid dogs

Although you love your dog, they can be very picky about retainers. Your retainer should be kept high enough that they are not visible to your pups.

Keep your retainer high enough that they can’t be accessed by dogs.

Retainers should be soaked

Soak your retainer in water to make it even cleaner. Retainer Brite is available in tablet form. You can also make your own cleaning solution by mixing 1 teaspoon sodium hypochlorite bleach and 10 cups water. Your retainer will be clean in no time if you soak it for between 5 and 10 minutes.

Avoid napkins

Wrapping your retainer in napkins during meals can make it easy for you or your waiter to accidentally throw the napkin and retainer in the trash. Keep your retainer safe in your retainer bag to avoid an unpleasant trip to the dumpster.

Renew your retainer

Even the best retainers will eventually become worn out. Sportingsmiles can help you if your retainer feels looser or has become less comfortable. It is important to replace your retainer as needed.

Retainers can be used for life

This is a must-have: Wear your retainer! You can experience tooth movement throughout your entire life. Even if your teeth appear straight, you should still wear your retainer. You should wear retainers every night, for as long as you can!

Take care when you put it on.

Make sure your retainer is securely in place when you apply it. Your retainer should not be in between your teeth. Avoid pulling off the retainer with force or flipping it over with your tongue. This can cause it to break. When removing your retainer, loosen it in several places and then gently remove it. Keep it in your retainer bag!

Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth before you put on your retainer. Your retainer will get more dirty if it is placed on dirty teeth.

Keep your retainer

Bring your retainer with you to our office so that we can make sure it fits perfectly.