The Best Basketball Shoes On The Market In 2022


Early this year, we covered “Top Basketball Training Tips” that every player should take to heart. While you’re trying to improve your game though, it’s also important to have the right gear –– and that starts with shoes.

Yes, there are a lot of style and trend factors that go into basketball shoe discussions these days. But it’s also important to have reliable and comfortable shoes you like to play in, and in this post we’ll take a look at some of the best ones you can get your hands on in 2022.

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adidas Trae Young 1

Trae Young has quickly become one of the most famous players in the NBA, thanks in large part to his performance during the 2021 playoffs. Even before his full rise to NBA stardom however, the young Hawks guard had inked a deal with adidas. It was only fairly recently however that the apparel giant launched Young’s first signature sneaker.

The adidas Trae Young 1 comes with a padded collar designed to protect your ankle. It’s also designed to provide excellent support for quick turns and cuts, such that it functionally matches Young’s game. Even for the everyday hooper not competing in the NBA though, these shoes are a pleasure to play in.

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Nike Cosmic Unity

The Cosmic Unity is best known as Nike’s first sustainable basketball shoe –– a part of the company’s Move to Zero initiative. Beyond being eco-friendly however, this is also one of the sturdiest shoes on the market right now, making it a good option for those concerned about ankle stability (or those who just want shoes that will likely last a while!).

The Cosmic Unity is responsive, while also providing the necessary comfort for long pickup sessions. Its sole will also give you just the tiniest bounce sensation such that you feel like you’re gettin a bit of extra lift, as well as landing softly when you come down.

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Nike Kyrie 7

The Kyrie collections seem to have gotten progressively more colorful and eccentric, with the Sneaker Room x Nike “Mom” edition being the latest example. This can give off the impression that Nike has veered off on the style route with this collection, rather than prioritizing function. The truth of the matter though is that the Kyrie 7s remain wonderful to play in (and by a lot of hoopers’ judgement, still favorable to the Kyrie 8s).

The hard sole provides excellent court grip, while the mesh, as always, helps with lightness and breathability. As has been the case since Nike first launched Irving’s signature line, there’s something about these shoes that just works. They have the perfect heft, ideal grip, and seem to fit just about everybody. And with the 7s the line may have hit its peak to date (not to mention there are some spectacular color ways, “Mom” edition or otherwise).

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Nike KD14

The collaboration between Kevin Durant and Nike has been successful for a long time, and for this latest model, designers drew inspiration from one of the most well-received editions: the KD4. The big story, really, was that this new model resurrected the strap across the laces. But that’s not all that makes these shoes interesting.

The Nike KD14 uses a Zoom Air Strobel to provide maximum comfort and energy preservation –– some of the top priorities Durant has had for the whole line. The combination of sprint assistance and shock protection offers excellent performance, even for drastically different playing styles.

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Under Armour Curry 8

The thick soul may remind you of running shoes that provide an additional boost, but the Curry 8 ultimately aims at providing maximum comfort on the court. However, if there’s something that sets this pair apart it’s the traction on the sole.

The Under Armour Curry 8 has an impressive grip, offering an additional level of control for those who want to (attempt to) cut and slash like Steph. The shoe is also almost deceptively stable for your ankles despite its thin, lightweight design –– only fitting given Curry’s early-career ankle issues.

Playing basketball and working on your game are always fun. But doing these things in the right kicks is all the more satisfying, and between these pairs you have a lot of great options this year.