Sharp Football Analysis: Giants Evan Engram


Engram is a smaller than average tight end according to NFL standards. He was first-round picked by the Giants in 2017. However, Engram has had flashes of being a receiving star, but injuries and inconsistent play have hampered his progress sharp football analysis.

Three coaching sharp football analysis teams have failed to realize the potential of former Ole Miss star

Engram was one of the fastest slot tight ends in college. Engram arrived in the NFL with a bunch of coaches who believed their tight ends should run 4-yard drags. Pizzuta writes that Engram is now stuck with these coaches. Engram was a slow learner on a stale Giants offense in 2020 under Jason Garrett.

Engram would have been used by many coaches in mismatch situations. However, the Giants couldn’t figure out where Engram fit. Engram added to the problem by dropping passes, and compiling nagging injuries which kept him from getting any momentum in his career.

Engram hasn’t been well served by the Giants in his four years with them. Pizzuta explained that Engram’s Searn Football opportunities were very limited.

“Given Engram’s poor spacing, many of Engrams targets were made in traffic or at distances where the defense could see a quick pass coming. Sharp Football Analysis: The Giants can reduce the chance of Engram being dropped by using more creativity, better spacing and making a greater effort to get the ball downfield.

Engram may get even more lost with all the new tools that the Giants have added to their passing arsenal this season. However, Engram’s love is still being professed by the team and coaches, possibly as a way to increase trade interest.

Engram was named to the Pro Bowl even though many Giant fans felt that he was not worthy. Engram had several drops in 2020 which proved costly for the Giants and they missed the playoffs by one game.

However, Engram’s ceiling is still high if Garrett and the Giants figure out how to use him better.

“Engram was charted using the fourth-most routes combined between seams, deep crossers, according to Sports Info Solutions (71), but there were only eight targets with those routes seldom early in the progression,” Sharp Football Analysis.

There’s also the flip side of that coin

Sharp Football Analysis: “It’s also possible without Garrett still being the offensive coordinator. Nothing changes at all.”