The seventh day of Christmas, the person receiving seven swans a swimming was given to them. Although I don’t like birds, I find swans to be quite graceful and beautiful. Let’s just say that if I could choose a bird, it would be a Swan.

Seven swans swimming symbolize the sevenfold gifts of God. Although I have tried my best (and failed) to link the PR to this Christmas song, today’s post will be a little different. Here are seven links that I will share today.

These are the Qualities that make a Difference Between a PR rep or a PR Professional

  1. Always prepared. All the tools of a Alamo Golf Trail top PR professional are always at hand: a smartphone, business cards and notepad. You never know when a high-profile contact will occur or if you might be able to capture a moment of PR gold.
  2. You must be an investigator. seven swans a swimming To tell the best stories, PR professionals must get to know their customers. However, not all stories will work. Client coverage can be driven by having a good sense of news and the information that consumers are looking for.
  3. A great storyteller. Amazing stories capture people’s attention and keep them there long after they move on to the next chapter. A great storyteller can make any story interesting.
  4. Persuasive skills. PR professionals must be able not only to find compelling stories and tell them well but also to sell the story. The best PR professionals can create a story, write it, and present it so that news agencies and other communication organizations pick it up and distribute to a wider audience.
  5. Punctuality is important. Media is driven by deadlines. Lateness can make the difference between soaring through the window of opportunities and falling into the glass. Once PR professionals agree to a deadline they will move mountains and seas to meet it.
  6. Willingness to learn. If PR professionals don’t make it an effort to keep up with the advancements in public relations, they can expect to hear their phones ring less frequently. The best PR professionals today not only understand the importance of mobile web and social media strategies, but they also look for new ways to reach their audience.
  7. Attention to detail. seven swans a swimming accuracy is everything in this field. PR professionals have created methods to ensure that their stories convey a positive image and contain accurate information. They keep notes and take down information they can refer back to.