Valorant: How to increase your kill-death rate


Valorant is just like other shooter games, and you need a high kill-death (KD). While it can be role dependent in competitive play, it is essential to have a high kill-death ratio (KD) if you want solo matchmaking to succeed.

It’s not easy to improve your KD. But if you are committed, take the game seriously and invest the time, these tips will help increase your kill count.


Although boosting for valorant has many similarities to Counter Strike’s, Riot Games’ FPS added an additional strategic layer with the introduction of Agents. There are currently 10 Agents that players can choose from, each with different abilities to assist them in achieving their objectives. The Agents’ abilities in Valorant, unlike Riot’s MOBA League Of Legends, aren’t too complicated. There are only 10 Agents compared to the 148 available in League.


Valorant, despite the Agents’ abilities, is still a traditional shooter game. Even though the ultimate goal is to plant and defuse the spike, it is important that you can ace your opponents before they destroy your team. The biggest mistake players make is not taking enough time to find the right crosshair or what sens work for them.

You can use a sens convertor to determine the sensitivity of your mouse in Valorant if you are a veteran player in FPS games like Overwatch or Counter Strike. There are a few things you can do if you’re new to the game. If you feel that it would be appropriate, you can either replicate the crosshair used by professional players or use the Practice Range in Valorant for a range of crosshairs and sensitivities.


Valorant has many weapons. Each one has its own recoil and spray pattern. There are many ways to take out enemies using your abilities, but it is unlikely that you will be able pick up enough kills without knowing how the weapons work.

Spend some time going through each weapon on the range. Get used to the recoil, and learn about the spray patterns. This will give you an idea of which weapon you may prefer, especially as they all have different costs so it is important to be well-versed on each one.


If you want to see a steady and significant improvement in your KD, this is the best thing you can do. You shouldn’t jump into matches without warming up at the Practice Range in Valorant. To build muscle memory, aim training should be done for 30 minutes per day even if you don’t feel like playing.

You can also use CSGO’s Aim_bot’ to train your aim.

Learn from the Pros

Valorant is still in Beta, but many pros from other esports titles have tried Riot’s FPS. Many have also developed their own strategies for securing rounds.