Drag Racing, “RB Raci” Street Racing


We build 2-1 Exhausts: They come in two primary rb raci tubes sizes, in five major product lines and three finishes. This totals over 700 part numbers back to Shovelheads. RB Racing does not believe that one size fits all. We do not use discs, falsies or fluted billet butt plugs.

Made to Order: We offer more than 700 part numbers in three finishes, including heat shields, which are priced separately. All exhaust systems can be ordered in 1 3/4″ or 2″ primary tubes and in five product ranges. RB Racing everything is covered, from Shovelheads to old Clone Bikes, as well as unusual requests such as 145 Inch RSD Customs. Different cylinder heads can be ordered in OEM, STD and S&S B1. S&S B2 (4 bolt and 2 bolt), S&S B3 (and other) formats. It can get quite complicated. It is impossible to stock all variations and pre-configure them. This is why we build to Girl Swimming Cap orders and cannot offer same-day shipping.

Orders and Payments: Orders can be placed online 24/7 or by phone at any time. We will call you if there are any questions regarding your order to confirm details such as the year and model number, Oxygen sensor type and wider tires. Also details like master cylinder location, custom frames, and more. Credit Card information must be provided at the time you place an order via our Secure SSL Online Order Form, or by phone. Rb raci if the exhaust is sent to outside finishing, you will be charged. This locks your custom order into a Chrome or Silver Ceramic or Black Dual Coat Ceramic. All custom orders must be paid at the time they are placed. It usually takes ten working days for the scheduling and manufacturing of the part. The parts then are grouped and sent outside for finishing.

RB Racing will not accept e-mails stating that you need something. Order Online 24/7 or by calling. Private parties and Independent Shops will need to provide Credit Card details at the time they place an order. Credit card information can be provided by Harley-Davidson dealers who are franchised.

Shipping Costs: Payment by Credit Card separately at the time of shipment. Payments are usually made two weeks after parts have been shipped for completion. Once the part has been packed and sealed in a box, we do not know the actual cost. Prices can vary depending on weight, destination, and box dimensions. Shipping within the Continental United States (not Alaska or Hawaii) by FedEx Ground costs $50.00 to $90.00, depending on the dimensions and weight of your box. Due to customs duties and costs, we only ship Postal to Canada. This is approximately $150.00 US. We deliver the boxes once per day to FedEx and US Post Office.

FedEx Economy Door to Door Delivery (Great Rates) for Overseas. We must negotiate for the lowest day/rate, which is $250.00 or more. For as low as $150.00, you can ship foreign destinations via US Postal Air. Some customers from foreign countries have their own FedEx account or freight forwarders. We do not ship UPS.